Bureaux modulaires : une nouvelle façon de concevoir les espaces de travail

Modular offices - Made in France and eco-responsible

Innovative modular constructions to rethink your workspaces. Keep your teams performing by respecting their comfort conditions.

The modular building industry (offices, bungalows, one-piece washrooms, locker rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) is a constantly evolving construction sector.

Besides, there are a lot of concerns and ideas around these modular designed offices and portable constructions, especially with the rise of open space collaboration.

In recent years, the quality and capabilities of these prefabricated buildings have improved significantly. Improvements have often surpassed those of conventional construction, especially in terms of cost, durability, and manufacturing time.

This blog is an opportunity to review these ready-to-use desktops.

What is a modular office?

Modular offices are a type of offsite prefabricated construction. Modular offices find their place in a variety of different industries and sectors.

A modular concept can be defined as the practice of using prefabricated elements so that they can be easily assembled into a functional form.

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Indeed, whatever your organization, space expansion needs can change from day to day. Often this leads to a critical situation in terms of time and space arrangement.

You need a little more space, and you need it now. Here is the typical scenario for a company to install a prefabricated modular office in its premises. In an instant, they can create a comfortable environment that meets everyone's needs.

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What are the advantages of a modular office?

Modular offices offer a number of advantages over solid constructions. Some of the key benefits our customers look for in our products include fast turnaround times, ease of installation, and flexibility.

A pre-engineered modular office can be installed and operational up to 70% faster than a conventional construction project of the same size.

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Ease of installation

The installation process is quick: it takes just 1 hour for two people to assemble our modular offices.

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The prefabricated modular office follows the Plug and Play principle which allows it to be functional immediately after installation.

Indeed, this modular structure is fully equipped (electrical installation, power outlets, RJ45 port, automatic ventilation, etc.).

Thanks to the fact that a modular office is built from several modules prefabricated in the factory and that all our solutions are delivered in the form of a kit, assembly on site is considerably facilitated. This benefit minimizes downtime for the business.


The flexibility of modular offices is often an attractive feature, especially for fast-growing businesses. The modular nature of these constructions has a financial interest insofar as an investment in a permanent construction can be lost during a move.

On the other hand, the use of modular offices will allow you to save your budget. Thanks to the semi-permanent nature of these structures, offices and modular buildings are adaptable and can be easily moved. Our modular and turnkey solutions are also infinitely removable and removable.

Modular offices are flexible and provide a convenient office space solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The modular aspect of these offices means that they can be set up much more quickly than a solid construction. Your premises are thus fitted out quickly so that your employees' time is not wasted.

A pre-engineered modular office offers higher quality, more durable construction at a fraction of the cost and in a much shorter time frame than traditional builds.


What materials are modular offices made of?

The construction of a modular building must result in a durable and high quality product that meets the same requirements as a traditional construction and that guarantees compliance with modularity standards. At Work With Island, we choose materials that comply with standards that guarantee the solidity of the structure. The construction method of our modular solution consists of superimposing a sandwich of three types of materials:


Wood is arguably the most useful and versatile material. It is easy to use and has many advantages. Wood is one of the most durable and aesthetic materials in the construction industry. The usefulness of wood construction is all the greater as this material can be recovered and used for other purposes. Solid, shock-resistant, wood is ideal for our structure since it keeps its shape over time.


Métisse®, an acoustic insulator made from recycled textiles, contributes significantly to reducing noise pollution and thermal comfort in modular offices ( acoustic cabins ). Métisse® insulation is very easy to handle, acoustically and thermally efficient, resistant to mould, respectful of the environment and thermal regulations.

Acoustic felt

Felt is the cladding of our modular set. This cladding is an ideal option for sound absorption because its millions of fibers create frictional energy that dissipates sound energy. Felt also has a decorative and aesthetic appearance.

Eco-designed cabins made in France

4 myths about modular offices

Modular offices are temporary structures

Although they fully meet temporary needs, offices designed in a modular way are also perfect for a long duration. Indeed, modular construction project companies ensure that they meet all the standards applicable to permanent construction. Modular offices are also easier to repair in the long term in the event of damage.

Modular offices are unsightly

A modular building is generally expected to be a simple rectangular box with a door and a ventilation system. With all the finishing options and customization accessories, a prefabricated modular office can be styled according to your needs and interior design. It blends in with the surrounding places and is a stylish and permanent addition to your office furniture.

Modular offices are temporary structures

Although they fully meet temporary needs, offices designed in a modular way are also perfect for a long duration. Indeed, modular construction project companies ensure that they meet all the standards applicable to permanent construction. Modular offices are also easier to repair in the long term in the event of damage.

On-site delivery of the modular office is difficult

Modular offices are transported to site by an experienced team who carefully plan the route to be followed and the size of containers to be used. With optimized logistics in each storage warehouse, they ensure that there are no delays and that each module is not damaged in transit. To ensure the transport of a bay window, we make sure that the size limit on the trailers aligns perfectly with the regulations and standards in force.

How to properly organize your modular office space?

What are your organization's goals? Does your modular office space support these goals? A well-designed modular office space promotes collaboration and gives employees a sense of purpose.

Optimizing your modular office space

When designing your new modular office space, consider what your employees are saying.

How can you improve the working environment for them?

Do your teams prefer collaborative spaces, freelance work or a hybrid solution?

What are the amenities necessary for the success of your teams?

The top complaints from employees typically relate to uncomfortable temperatures, excessive noise, lack of space, disorganized equipment, and outdated technology. These complaints can be alleviated if you optimize your modular office space.

The different spaces of your modular office

Every office atmosphere is different, and the ability to customize your space can boost employee productivity and satisfaction. Below is a list of fundamental areas to consider.

  • Offices: It is best to have a combination of private offices and open spaces.

  • Conference rooms: These spaces will vary in size depending on what will be accomplished in each room. Large conference rooms are ideal for presentations. Smaller, more intimate rooms are adequate for brainstorming sessions.

  • Break or lunch rooms: Provide a designated place for your employees to have the opportunity to eat, take breaks and socialize with colleagues.

  • Entrances: Make sure your office is accessible to everyone.

Choose your modular floor plan

There are many factors to consider when choosing how to organize your modular office space. Start by thinking about the purpose of the space, how many people will work there, and what specific customizations your business needs. Your budget is also a good starting point when choosing modular office space. If you're looking to save money, consider a used modular office.

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