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Island SOLO

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Island SOLO is ideal for making phone calls and video conferencing in complete privacy, without being disturbed and without disturbing others. It also allows you to concentrate on a basic task or to take a break during the day.

As aesthetic as it is functional, this acoustic cabin is fully equipped (connectors, standard shelf, ventilation, etc.) and will fit perfectly into all types of offices.

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The stool with its solid wood seat brings an aesthetic and above all practical touch: it allows you to work seated for hours or standing for a few minutes. Voir
The perfect accessory that transforms Island SOLO into a space dedicated to videoconferencing, thanks to a large shelf (2 electrical outlets, 1 USB outlet and an RJ45) and a 24-inch screen with integrated webcam, sound and microphone. Voir
Designed for longer work sessions, this shelf has storage space and additional connectors (2 electrical outlets, 1 RJ45 ethernet port, 1 USB port). Thanks to its Plug & Play system, it replaces the standard shelf. Voir
Delivery to the desired location, assembly of the cabin and removal of packaging. Don't worry about the installation.
The entire amount is donated to Valdelia, an eco-organization in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling furniture items.
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SOLO equipment

Presence detector

Lighting and ventilation are automatically activated to reduce energy consumption.

LED lighting

The integrated lighting system is ideal for promoting concentration or for video conferencing.


Thanks to the double fan, the air is automatically renewed every 30 seconds to ensure thermal comfort and health safety.


A power outlet and Ethernet port are built-in to stay connected. The soundproof walls also let the wifi pass perfectly.


A standard oak tablet makes it possible to work efficiently or to carry out videoconferences.


-28.3 dB certified according to ISO 23351-1: 2020, one of the most efficient on the world market, to work peacefully.

Work With Island -

An easy-to-use, efficient and flexible cabin


Thanks to incomparable soundproofing, Island allows you to make your calls in complete confidentiality without being disturbed and without disturbing others, to concentrate on a background task or even to offer you a moment of break in your day.

Plug Island and enjoy

To use Island, nothing could be simpler. Easy to assemble and fully equipped, the capsule operates completely independently thanks to a single connection socket. Take advantage of the LED light and automatic ventilation thanks to the motion detector and recharge your devices on the integrated sockets.

Modulate your spaces

Thanks to our kit design, Island is easily removable and reassembled to move it or take it with you as your spaces evolve.


Made in France from eco-responsible materials

From production sites to component selection, choices about our products are always guided by the impact they can have on the environment. It is for these reasons that we manufacture all our products in France and that we have chosen Le Metisse, an insulation made from recycled jeans, as acoustic insulation.

French made

Installation in 1 hour. Not a minute more.

Our kit design allows easy assembly and disassembly of our products. This allows them to be moved easily to your offices today or to follow you to those of tomorrow.

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We offer a tailor-made service to best meet the needs of your business. To each company, its use. Each office has its Island.

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