Work With Island - Acoustic pods : tomorrow's solution for working in peace

Acoustic pods : tomorrow's solution for working in peaceA modular, scalable and accessible solution

The pandemic has profoundly changed the way companies and employees live and work. The spread of teleworking has made everyone rethink their relationship with work and recognise the constraints that affect their daily life in the office. It is therefore necessary for companies to adapt their workspace to the new uses and needs of their employees. The office needs to be more comfortable and productive, but it is difficult to concentrate in a noisy space! To improve the well-being of their employees, companies are turning to acoustic booths to provide peace, concentration and respect for privacy.

Our soundproof pods

Our soundproof pods are designed and manufactured in France with an environmentally responsible approach. They are the preferred choice of companies that want to offer the best working experience while facilitating hybrid organisations such as teleworking and flex offices. Our aim is to provide you with the best acoustic insulation, ergonomics and ventilation to ensure perfect comfort over long periods of use.

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What is a soundproof pod?

A soundproof pod is an acoustic solution designed to reduce noise pollution in a work area and to allow an employee to isolate himself from noise. It is therefore an enclosed space whose main characteristic is to prevent outside noise from penetrating inside.To be useful, the booths must be used...

The first criterion is comfort: the user must be able to sit comfortably for long periods. The acoustic insulation of the module must be optimal to reduce noise, but ergonomics and ventilation are equally important.

What types of acoustic pod are there?

There are many soundproof pods on the market at all prices. In fact, they vary in size depending on the number of people they are designed to hold. They are also designed for different activities: working alone on a computer, a team meeting or even a phone call. All our pods are designed to the same quality standard and undergo our rigorous production process.

from 3.990€
The SOLO cabin

These pods accommodate only one person at a time, making them ideal for phone calls, video conferencing and individual work. The advantage of these booths is that they take up very little space, making them easy to install where space is limited.

from 7.990€
The DUO cabin

These pods allow two people to sit down to discuss or work together during a meeting. Their layout allows two people to sit face to face around a table.

from 9.990€
The QUATTRO cabin

These pods can seat up to 4 people and are similar to a real room in a company's offices. Ideal for small committee meetings or group work.

Why buy an acoustic cabin for your offices?

Thanks to the democratisation of remote working in companies, acoustic pods are popular in open-plan workspaces. Valued for its ability to promote peace and concentration, the phone booth has other tricks up its sleeve!

Here are 4 reasons why you should have one in your office.

Buy an acoustic pod to isolate yourself in an open space

According to a survey carried out by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 67% of French people say they are bothered by noise in the workplace.

A noisy environment can have an impact on productivity, well-being at work and, last but not least, the health of your employees.

Providing employees with peace and quiet is essential and, as a bonus, their productivity will increase. In fact, 52% of employees say they are more productive when they work in a distraction-free environment.

Buy a pod to afford a privacy bubble

The original function of the acoustic pods was to allow phone or video calls in an open space without disturbing colleagues.

They provide an ideal space for confidentiality when discussing sensitive topics or projects. Accommodating up to four people, our acoustic pods ensure discreet conversations in a comfortable space. The addition of a video module increases adaptability for hybrid sharing with both in-office and remote teams.

The acoustic pod is also the perfect solution for receiving clients and partners in complete peace and quiet, as it can accommodate up to 4 people. It provides an intimate environment in which you can discuss and dialogue without interruption and without fear for the confidentiality of the information exchanged during your meeting.

Buy a cabin to optimise your office space

Every company faces the same scenario: a shortage of meeting rooms.

They fill up quickly and people are left with nowhere to go. In addition, too often large rooms are only used by one person because they have not found other places to meet so as not to disturb others.

There is no need for larger rooms to solve this problem, by using acoustic booths you can save your team time and provide them with a more functional working environment.

In addition to optimising your office space, they fit into any type of space, especially those where traditional partitions are difficult to install.

Buy an acoustic cabin to have a modular workspace

The soundproof cabin is designed for individual or team work of up to four people. Its compactness allows you to optimise your m2 without losing any of your space!

The acoustic booth is then presented as a modular, scalable solution with lower construction costs.

Delivered as a kit, the Island acoustic booth can be easily dismantled and reassembled to move or take it with you as your space evolves. So you can place it wherever you want, according to your needs and the layout of your workspace.

How are soundproof cabins
cabins are built?

The soundproofing level of a booth is not the same depending on its intended use (translation booth, recording studio, etc.). In any case, what makes the difference between two booths is the materials they are made of. These have a direct effect on the acoustic performance.

What materials are used in the construction of Island cabins?

To make the walls of our Island cabins, we have sandwiched three different materials together to absorb all the noise. Let's take a closer look at the materials we use.

We use a so-called asymmetric wall construction. Between the wood and the felt, Métisse®, an acoustic insulator made from recycled textiles, acts as a spring and contributes to the attenuation of noise.

The diagram below illustrates how it works. The first rigid wall reflects part of the sound. Partly absorbed by the insulation, the rest is reflected by the second panel. In the end, only a small residual amount of sound will pass through the 3 layers.

How do we measure the acoustic performance of our cabins?

Our booths are tested by an independent acoustic laboratory and certified to ISO 23351-1, a specific standard for acoustic booths. This assessment allows us to validate our own tests and reflects our commitment to quality. We have adapted the design of a number of elements (fans, 8mm glass doors, acoustic seals) to achieve the ideal level of acoustic insulation while providing the best overall user comfort.

Eco-friendly cabins

The Work With Island acoustic booths are all made from recycled and recyclable French materials. Our desire is to create a product that improves the daily lives of employees while preserving the environment. For this reason, our cabin is mainly made of wood, mestizo and felt.

Our island therefore has a very low environmental impact, but will have a strong impact on many aspects of your business. Indeed, it will improve the working conditions of your employees and at the same time their performance.

Prefabricated cabins

Our Island cabins are supplied as a kit with a single tool for quick and easy assembly. They can be assembled by two people in just 1 hour. The advantage of this type of assembly is that they can be disassembled and reassembled ad infinitum, so you can move them or take them with you as your space changes.

Why choose a booth over an acoustic partition?

Acoustic furniture actively contributes to making the open space a pleasant place to work and share. But which solution to choose between a partition and an acoustic booth?

If the acoustic partition is very popular with companies, it is because it is financially accessible. However, the soundproofing performance of a solid partition (lined with insulation wool) will be low because it is just a wall and not a closed and hermetic space.

They therefore offer limited privacy for your phone calls or meetings, whereas booths offer a confidential space while protecting you from outside noise.

By partitioning off part of your space, you can also transform your open space into a classic office. Cabins allow you to keep your configuration while eliminating the inconvenience associated with this type of office layout. In the long run, booths are also a better investment. Removable and reassemblable, they can follow you when you move.

Whereas partitions, once installed, are an integral part of the offices. Even if the acoustic booth seems to be the better choice in the long run, it is advisable to test it before buying.

There are a lot of booths on the market, but they are not all the same. We recommend that you test them in a showroom, so that you can check the acoustics and ergonomics.