5 reasons to choose a prefabricated pod over a bespoke one

1. Fast delivery and installation

Constructing of workspaces, such as meeting rooms or individual booths, is often a lengthy and costly process, taking several months or even more than a year depending on the size of the project, according to CBRE research. Multiple stakeholders, such as plasterers, architects, electricians, and suppliers, add potential delays and setbacks to the project.
In comparison, the SOLO pod, which can be delivered in 2 weeks, can be assembled in just 1 hour.

2. Lower construction costs

According to studies carried out by tertiary real estate consultancies, soundproof booth operators and construction professionals, the construction of a soundproof individual workstation costs between €9,000 and €13,000, i.e. between 2.25 and 3.25 times more than the purchase of an Island SOLO.

However, this price difference decreases as the capacity of the workspace increases, making it more cost-effective to build a meeting room with a capacity of 6 people or more.

For the same size, the cost of building a small workspace is significantly higher than buying a soundproof booth.

Mobility of pods provides greater flexibility

With the rise of hybrid working, meetings are becoming more frequent, yet more constrained. According to a study by Dimensional Research, 81% of employees expect most of their interactions to be video-based. As a result, modern offices need spaces that can accommodate virtual meetings and small group gatherings.

Soundproof, modular and transportable pods address this need by providing the flexibility to reconfigure the workspace to meet evolving needs.

"Office occupiers are increasingly investing in flexible space and different types of adaptable space to meet the demand for flexibility and to attract their staff back to the office."
Jussi Niemistö, Research Manager, CBRE Nordic

Installation within 1 hour. Easy to relocate.

The modular quality of prefabricated booths also allows adaptation to the geographical evolution of your company.

If you outgrow your space and need to relocate, the prefabricated pods can be easily dismantled and reassembled and moved to your new premises.

Optimal acoustic comfort

Our team of engineers are constantly improving our pods to optimise comfort and soundproofing. You can be assured that you will benefit from the latest technological advances that we have developed to continually improve our existing models and create new ones.

Some bespoke booths may cost the same but do not use acoustic materials and therefore provide a poorer experience, benefit from effective sound insulation, quiet ventilation and the absence of reverberation specifically designed to create the optimum working environment.

Ergonomics and comfort

Benefit from the expertise of a company that has been specialising in the design of these workspaces for the last 5 years: seating, ventilation and lighting have been carefully considered to provide you with the optimum ergonomics and comfort to make your meetings enjoyable.

"I think the ventilation and lighting are very well thought out. As for the design, it fits in perfectly with the design we have implemented in our Madrid offices". -
Gabriela Sanchez de Buruagua, Workplace Manager - Personio

What our clients say about us

"We needed a supplier who could ensure production and delivery within a very short timeframe and who was very strong in terms of logistics. In this respect, Work With Island was truly exceptional".
Yannick Mangin, Workplace Manager, Qonto

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