Work With Island - Acoustic cabin: tomorrow's solution for working in peace

Acoustic cabin: tomorrow's solution for working in peaceA modular, scalable and accessible solution

The pandemic has profoundly changed the ways of life and work of companies and employees. The generalization of telework has led everyone to rethink their relationship to work and to realize the constraints that weigh on their daily life in the office. It is therefore necessary for companies to adapt their workspace to the new uses and needs of their employees. The office must be more comfortable and promote productivity, but it is difficult to concentrate in a noisy space! So to improve the well-being of its employees, companies are turning to acoustic cabins to offer calm, concentration and respect for privacy.

Nos cabines d'isolation acoustique

Nos cabines insonorisées sont conçues et produites en France avec une approche écoresponsable.

Elles sont plébiscitées par les entreprises qui cherchent à proposer la meilleure expérience de travail possible tout en facilitant les organisations hybrides: télétravail, flex office.

Notre objectif est de vous offrir une isolation acoustique optimale ; mais aussi une ergonomie et une ventilation assurant un confort parfait pour une utilisation prolongée.

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What is a sound insulation cabin?

A soundproof cabin is an acoustic solution developed with the aim of reducing noise pollution in a workspace and allowing an employee to isolate themselves from noise. It is therefore an enclosed space whose main characteristic is to prevent exterior noise from spreading to the interior.

It is in this sense considered as the place par excellence which allows to have silence around you and to guarantee calm and confidentiality in an open space.

Beyond preventing the sounds and vibrations around the cabin from spreading to the interior, this type of cabin must offer a certain comfort to its user to encourage him to use it and stay there as long as possible. 'he needs.

What are the types of acoustic booths?

There are many soundproof booths on the market and at all price points. Indeed, they can be more or
smaller depending on the number of people to be accommodated inside. Also, they are designed according to the
type of activity: working alone on your computer, having a team meeting or even making a call
any privacy. Their size will therefore vary depending on the use you want to make of them.

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from 3.990€
The SOLO cabin

These cabins accommodate only one person at a time: they are therefore particularly suitable for telephone calls, videoconferences and individual work. The advantage of these cabins is that they take up little space, and can therefore be easily installed in limited areas.

from 7.990€
The DUO cabin

These cabins allow two people to settle down to discuss during a meeting or to work together. Their layout allows two people to sit face to face around a table.

from 11.990€
The QUATTRO cabin

These cabins can accommodate up to 4 people and are similar to a real room in their own right within the company's offices. Ideal for small committee meetings, or group work.

Why buy an acoustic cabin for your offices?

Thanks to the democratization of telework in companies, acoustic cabins are popular in open workspaces. Appreciated for offering calm and concentration, the phone box has other tricks up its sleeve!

Below, discover the 4 reasons to have one in your office.

Buy an acoustic cabin to isolate yourself in an open space

According to a survey carried out by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 67% of French people say they are bothered by noise in their workplace.

Unfortunately, an environment that is too noisy can have consequences on the productivity, well-being at work and the health of your employees.

The cabin has the advantage of fighting noise in your workspace. Providing peace and quiet to its employees is essential and as a bonus their productivity will be enhanced. As proof, 52% of employees claim that they are more productive if they work in an environment free of distractions.

Buy a cabin to afford a privacy bubble

We estimate that 50% of professional buildings will follow a flex office logic in 2025.

But with this type of development, new constraints are emerging. Indeed, the question of isolation, individual or group, arises. Thanks to its insulation, the cabin seems to be ideal since it guarantees confidentiality of exchanges unlike acoustic partitions.

Moreover, the acoustic cabin seems the perfect solution to receive customers and partners with complete peace of mind since it can accommodate up to 4 people. It offers you an intimate setting in which you can discuss and dialogue without interruption and without fearing for the confidentiality of the information exchanged during your meeting.

Buy a cabin to optimize the surface of your offices

In all companies, there is the same scenario: the lack of meeting rooms.

They fill up quickly and employees find themselves without options. Moreover, too often, large rooms accommodate only one employee because he has not found other places so as not to disturb the others.

To overcome this problem, it is not necessary to have larger premises, by adopting acoustic cabins you will save time for your team and offer them a more functional working environment.

In addition to optimizing the surface of your offices, they fit into any type of space, especially those in which conventional partitions are difficult to implement.

Buy an acoustic cabin to have a modular workspace

The soundproof booth is designed for individual or team work of up to four people. Its compactness allows the optimization of m2 and you have no loss of your surface!

The acoustic cabin is then presented as a modular, scalable solution at a lower cost in terms of building.

Delivered as a kit, the Island acoustic cabin is easily removable and reassembled to move it or take it with you according to the evolution of your spaces. You can therefore put it wherever you want according to your needs and the layout of your workspace.

How are the cabins built?
sound insulation?

The soundproofing level of a booth is not the same depending on the use for which it is intended (translation booth, recording studio, etc.). But in any case what will make the difference between two cabins are the materials that make it up. These have a direct impact on acoustic performance.

What materials are used to make Island cabins?

To form the walls of our Island cabins, we sandwiched three different materials to absorb all the noise. Let's take a closer look at the materials we use.

We use a so-called asymmetrical wall structure. Placed between the wood and the felt, the Métisse®, an acoustic insulator made from recycled textiles, will play the role of a spring and will contribute to the attenuation of noise.
The diagram below illustrates the principle of operation. The first rigid wall reflects part of the noise. Partly absorbed by the insulation, the residual noise will be reflected by the second facing plate. In the end, only a small residual part of the sound emission will cross the 3 layers.

Comment mesurer la performance acoustique des cabines?

Nos cabines sont testées par un laboratoire acoustique indépendant et bénéficient d’une certification selon la norme ISO 23351-1 spécifique aux cabines acoustiques. Cette évaluation nous permet de confirmer nos propres tests, et traduit notre engagement de qualité. Nous avons ajusté le design de plusieurs éléments (ventilateurs, portes en verres 8mm, joints d’étanchéité sonore) pour atteindre le niveau d’insonorisation idéal tout en offrant le meilleur confort global aux utilisateurs.

Eco-responsible cabins

The acoustic cabins of Work With island are all designed using recycled and recyclable French materials. Our desire is to manufacture a product that improves the daily lives of employees while preserving the environment. It is for this reason that our cabin is mainly made of wood, mestizo and felt.
Our Island therefore has a very low ecological impact but will have a strong impact on many aspects of your business. Indeed, it will improve the working conditions of your employees and at the same time their performance.

Prefabricated cabins

Our Island cabins are delivered as a kit with a single tool for quick and easy assembly. They are assembled in just 1 hour by two people. The advantage of this type of assembly is that they can be disassembled and reassembled ad infinitum, so you can move it or take it with you as your spaces change.

Why prefer a cabin to the acoustic partition?

Acoustic furniture actively participates in making the open space a pleasant workspace suitable for exchange. But which solution to choose between the partition and the acoustic cabin?

If the acoustic partition is very popular with companies, it is because it is financially accessible. However, the performance in terms of sound insulation of a solid partition (lined with insulating wool) will be low since it is only a wall and not a closed and hermetic space.

They therefore offer limited privacy for your phone calls or meetings while the cabins offer a confidential space while protecting you from outside noise.

Also, partitioning part of your space will transform your open space into a classic office. While the cabins allow you to keep your configuration while eliminating the inconvenience associated with this type of office layout.

In the long term, cabins are also a better investment. Removable and reassemblable, they can follow you during your moves. While the partitions, once installed, are an integral part of the offices.

Even if the acoustic cabin seems to be a better choice in the long term, it is advisable to test them before buying them. Indeed, there are a plethora of cabins on the market but not all are equal. We advise you to go and test them in a showroom, this will allow you to check the acoustics and ergonomics.