Avis client: Qonto complète ses bureaux WeWork avec nos cabines insonorisées

Customer testimonial: Qonto adds our pods to their WeWork offices

Yannick Mangin tells us about his work and how acoustic pods fit into their spaces.

Yannick Mangin

Workplace manager Qonto

You choose your materials and service providers in France. That's what we liked about Work With Island.

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Qonto is a French unicorn that offers a range of financial services for entrepreneurs: business accounts, invoicing, bank cards, etc.

Yannick welcomed us to Qonto's offices in the 9th arrondissement of Paris to tell us about his job and how he integrated acoustic pods into the design of his space.

As Workplace Manager, he is in charge of all services and equipment for Qonto's offices in France and abroad.

You moved to new premises in the 9th arrondissement almost a year ago. How did the move go?

WeWork is one of our partners and has worked with us on several of our sites, as well as internationally: Berlin, Milan, Barcelona.
Navarin is unique in that it has incorporated the Qonto branding and customised the spaces. It's one of the only co-productions WeWork has done in Europe.
We were able to really get involved with them in the design of the space, from the specification, to the space planning, to the management of the fit-out, to the selection of suppliers. This explains why we have Work With Island pods in addition to the booths that WeWork normally provides.

You have lots of meeting rooms and communal areas. Why did you decide to add Work With Island pods?

We have three types of space: open space, which by definition is quiet and calm (we don't forbid people to talk either); meeting rooms; and meeting corners, which are like meeting rooms but without a table in the middle, with sofas and armchairs for informal discussions.
We also have focus rooms, areas where you can find peace and quiet to concentrate on a task. And then there are pods, where you can get away from it all to take a call or have a meeting with a remote colleague.

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Working habits have changed dramatically in recent years. Soundproof pods are a relatively new tool for improving the quality of life at work. What benefits do you see in them?

We've noticed that people still often need to isolate themselves for relatively short periods of time, perhaps 10 to 45 minutes maximum, or just long enough for a video conference. The soundproof pod offers flexibility, cost savings and time savings compared to building partitions and small meeting rooms.

Qonto is growing fast, so we chose this option to accommodate the Qontoeurs. It's a bit like Tetris: there are places where we don't have the space for large benches or a lounge, or for partitioning, but on the other hand we can put in several Solos or an Island Quattro and that allows us to optimise and offer an additional isolation solution for the employees.

What is the capacity of your premises and how many pods do you have?

We have about 640 offices and 25 booths.

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Qonto has grown considerably in recent years. Is finding fast, responsive partners a key issue?

When we contacted Work With Island, we were doing a test to see what was available on the market. We needed a service provider who could guarantee production and delivery in a very short time and who was very, very solid in terms of logistics, i.e. we arrive on time, we assemble on time, we assemble well, and in that respect Work With Island was really exceptional.

I imagine the expectations for quality of service and speed were just as high for your Barcelona offices?

We're actually very happy to have two booths in our Barcelona office and to know that the service is guaranteed and that I can go on holiday with my eyes closed and say, Work with Island will deliver what it should, when it should. They will even advise you if the pod needs to be repositioned, and that's important.

Which Island model do you use most on a daily basis?

So, personally, I use the Solos mainly to isolate myself for a phone call or video, rather than monopolising a large meeting room all to myself. At the moment, the Islands Quattro can be booked and the Solos are free to use.
In the Solos, we were tempted by the high stool, which has a comfortable backrest but doesn't invite you to stay in the cabin for three hours. We still need the service to run smoothly, so people can isolate themselves, make a phone call, get out and let someone else into the cabin.

I read a very interesting article on your blog about your environmental approach. How did you go about choosing the pods and moving into your new premises?

We source locally whenever possible, whatever the type of supplier. In this case, we were delighted to see that you have a production centre in Vendée and that you also choose your materials and suppliers in France.

The materials are recyclable, what can be recycled is recycled, and the sourcing is 90% French, if I'm not mistaken [Editor's note: with the exception of electronics, all our components are 100% French].

And you're also a Qonto customer, which, as we joked before the interview, is obviously not a criterion for choosing our suppliers, but it's nice to be able to give something back to our customers, because after all, without customers, Qonto wouldn't exist.

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